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July 30, 2013- Huffington Post: Michele Bachmann On Ethics Investigation: 'Everything Is Going To Be Great'

July 26, 2013- Washington Post: House Ethics Committee looking into Michele Bachmann

July 26, 2013- Huffington Post: Michele Bachmann Ethics Investigation: Committee Extending Probe Of GOP Rep

July 15, 2013- NY Times: Virginia’s Attorney General Faces Scrutiny for Ties to Executive

June 11, 2013- Politcus USA: With the FBI On Her Trail, Michele Bachmann Raises Money For Non-Existent Reelection Bid

June 5, 2013- Huffington Post: Sheldon Adelson's Woes Mount With Grand Jury In Las Vegas Sands Money-Laundering Probe

April 17, 2013- Salon: Bachmann faces fresh ethics questions

April 15, 2013- Politicus USA: Secret Audio Tape Reveals Mitch McConnell Committed At Least One Federal Crime

April 11, 2013- Huffington Post: Mitch McConnell Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Leaked Ashley Judd Tape

January 29, 2013- Mother Jones: Top Conservatives Run PAC That Funded White Nationalists

January 16, 2013- NY Times: Big Donors Dominate Cuomo’s Fund-Raising, Analysis Finds

January 15, 2013- Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Ex-Bachmann aide alleges campaign finance violations

January 12, 2013- Politicus USA: Michele Bachmann Refuses to Pay Employees Unless They Promise to Hide Illegal Activities

December 7, 2012- Huffington Post: How the Mainstream Press Bungled the Single Biggest Story of the 2012 Campaign

September 1, 2012- Democratic Daily: Romney Staffer Committing Charitable Fraud

July 24, 2012- Think Progress: Two Years After Financial Reform, Republicans Rake In Wall Street Fundraising Dollars

June 23, 2012- Addicting Info: GOP Rep. Buchanan To Sport The ‘Other’ Type Of Pinstriped Suit?

June 21, 2012- Sunlight Foundation: Campaign contributions help companies get more federal contracts, study finds

June 16, 2012- Huffington Post: Sheldon Adelson To Lavish $71 Million In Casino Money On GOP Super PACS, Nonprofits

June 15, 2012- Huffington Post: John McCain: Mitt Romney Super PAC And Others Receiving Foreign Cash

June 8, 2012- Republic Report: Boehner Aide Received Bonus From Medical Device Lobby Group Before Overseeing Tax Repeal of Industry

May 22, 2012- The Hill: Broadcasters sue over political ad rule

April 12, 2012- Politiscoop: Scott Walker Heads South Once Again to Bag Sleazy Corporate Cash

March 7, 2012- Salon: Newt’s billionaire is getting his money’s worth

March 1, 2012- Republic Report: Congressman Who Blasted “Corporate Control Of Our Democracy” Attends Fundraiser Hosted By AT&T Lobbyist

February 23, 2012- NY Times: Opinion- Donors With Agendas

February 21, 2012- Forbes: Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Says He Might Give $100M To Newt Gingrich Or Other Republican

February 19, 2012- AlterNet: Billionaire Bigot Bankrolling Mitt Romney

February 13, 2012- Columbia Tribune: Criticism lingers over Rex Sinquefield's KKK remark

February 11, 2012- Think Progress: Who Is Foster Friess? Seven Facts You Need To Know

February 8, 2012- Reuters: The criminal probe of Sheldon Adelson's casino empire

February 6, 2012- MSNBC: Obama campaign reverses stance, urging donations to super PAC

February 4, 2012- CNN: Forgetting a key lesson from Watergate?

February 3, 2012- Mother Jones: Newt Gingrich's Gifts to Newt Gingrich—and Other Charities

February 1, 2012- Money Trends Research: Virginia Officials Confirm Criminal Election Fraud Investigation Of Gingrich Campaign

February 1, 2012- CNN: Senate Democrats to hold Super PAC hearings 

January 12, 2012- Huffington Post: John McCain Blasts Citizens United Ruling

December 28, 2011- The Brad Blog: Newt Gingrich Committed Massive Voter Fraud! (According to GOP/Fox 'News' ACORN Standards)

November 2, 2011- Mother Jones: Who's Paying for the GOP's Plan to Hijack the 2012 Election? 

September 26, 2011- Huffington Post: Super PACs And Secret Money: The Unregulated Shadow Campaign

September 20, 2011- NY Times: Ex-A.I.G. Chief Hosts Perry Fund-Raiser

September 19, 2011- Mount Pleasant Patch: Couple Indicted for Illegal Donations to Graham

August 29, 2011- Houston Chronicle: Calls to Perry donor raise questions

August 29, 2011- AlterNet: Meet the Shady Dallas Mega-Billionaire Industrialist Pouring Money into Rick Perry's Coffers

August 13, 2011- Huffington Post: Rick Perry Super PACs Raise Issues of Coordination, Collusion

August 9, 2011- Politico: Both sides now in dash for anonymous cash

August 5, 2011- Hampton Roads.Com: John Edwards donor to plead guilty to illegal donations

August 4, 2011- NBC News: Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves

July 19, 2011- NYT: F.B.I. Arrests Man Said to Be a Front for Donations

July 2, 2011- Principled Progressive: Foreign-Based Koch Subsidiary Caught Making Illegal Campaign Contributions

June 30, 2011- The Atlantic: Colbert's 'SuperPAC' Pushes the Limits of Election Law

June 29, 2011- CREW: Christine O’Donnell Lies Again

June 27, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Blago Convicted Of Trying To Sell Obama's Senate Seat

June 23, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Top Dem: Maybe Democratic Super PACs Should Disclose Their Donors

June 23, 2011- Sunlight Foundation: Lobbyist Disclosure Enhancement Act Introduced

June 21, 2011- Washington Post: Newt Gingrich had second line of credit at Tiffany and Co.

June 20, 2011- Roll Call: Bachmann Playing With House Money

June 17, 2011- Citizen Vox: Helpful Hints for our Honored Opponents

June 16, 2011- Roll Call: Feingold Criticizes Democrats for Forming Super PACs

June 15, 2011- Washington Post: Reps. Boehner, Cantor continue millionaires reign over House

June 14, 2011- Minneapolis Star Tribune: On amendment issues, reveal corporate donors?

June 14, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Shadow Congress: Nearly 200 Ex-Lawmakers Work For Lobbying Shops

June 14, 2011- Huffington Post: Sharron Angle Super PAC Breaks New Post-Citizens United Ground

May 25, 2011- Huffington Post: John Edwards Prosecution Given Go Ahead By Justice Department: Report 

May 25, 2011- Huffington Post: IRS To Take On Karl Rove? Tax Laws Could Take A Bite Out Of Secret Political Spending 

May 19, 2011- ACW Press Release: Advocacy Group Releases Hard-Hitting Video Calling on NY Congressional Candidate Jane Corwin to Reject Karl Rove's Dirty Money

May 19, 2011- POE Press Release: Group Applauds Rep. Anthony Weiner's Demand for Justice Clarence Thomas to Immediately Disclose His Financial Statements

May 18, 2011- NYT: G.O.P. Senators Question I.R.S. Scrutiny of Donors

May 18, 2011- TruthDig: ‘Electronic Brownshirts’

May 17, 2011- Huffington Post: Democracy 21, Campaign Legal Center: James Bopp's Republican Super PAC Is Illegal 

May 16, 2011- Politico: GOP 'Super PAC' seeks surplus cash

May 16, 2011- Minneapolis Star Tribune: Appeals court sides with federal judge, allows Minnesota campaign law to stand

May 12, 2011- NYT: I.R.S. Moves to Tax Gifts to Groups Active in Politics

May 10, 2011- Politico: IRS gift tax move could hit new anonymous groups 

May 6, 2011- Alternet: Unlimited Secret Money Is Drowning Democratic Elections

May 5, 2011- Open Secrets: Citizens United Decision Profoundly Affects Political Landscape

May 5, 2011- Washington Post: Op-Ed: Why the GOP should support publicly funded campaigns

May 5, 2011- Politico: Legal challenge to GOP independent cash

April 29, 2011- Wall St. Journal: Democrats Copy Republicans on New Donor Group

April 22, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Ensign Still On The Ethics Hook After Resigning

April 21, 2011- NYT: Senator Ensign to Resign Amid Inquiry

April 21, 2011- Huffington Post: FEC Sued By Chris Van Hollen Over Huge Disclosure Loophole 

April 21, 2011- Politcus USA: With A Stroke Of His Pen Obama Strikes Back At Citizens United

April 21, 2011- Huffington Post: FEC Sued By Chris Van Hollen Over Huge Disclosure Loophole 

April 14, 2011- CNN: Independent groups expected to rake in hundreds of millions  

April 13, 2011- Politico: Dems launch super PAC aimed at House races

April 11, 2011- Huffington Post: How 'Independent Expenditures' Are Remaking Elections  

April 11, 2011- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Railroad executive charged with campaign law violations  

April 7, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Democrats Following The GOP Into The Anonymous Donor Game

April 7, 2011- LA Times: Democrats following Republicans into field of undisclosed donors

April 5, 2011- Salon: John Boehner's policy director gave out Abramoff favor money

April 5, 2011- CREW: Will the FEC Fumble the Fiesta Bowl Fiasco?

April 5, 2011- The Atlantic: Corruption Watch: John Boehner's Abramoff Connection 

March 30, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Judge Denies Scott Bloch's Motion To Reconsider Guilty Plea In 'Geeks On Call' Case

March 28, 2011- Minnesota Daily: End invisible funding

March 27, 2011- Las Vegas Review-Journal: Ensign's former aide faces federal charges

March 25, 2011- Slate: Rich Candidate Expected To Win Again

March 25, 2011- Washington Post: FEC still hasn’t issued new campaign spending rules

March 25, 2011- Mother Jones: Rick Scott's Medicaid Overhaul to Benefit…Rick Scott? 

March 24, 2011- CREW: Hampton Pays While Ensign Walks

March 24, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Former Ensign Love Triangle Aide Indicted For Post-Senate Lobbying

March 23, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Abramoff Pal Kevin Ring Facing Third Trial In Lobbying Scandal

March 21, 2011- Open Secrets: Federal Election Commissioner Donald McGahn Criticizes 'Overreach' of Campaign Finance Regulations

March 21, 2011- Buzzflash: The Big Banks Run the Show 

March 18, 2011- Citizen Vox: Read this if you aren't ready to give our democracy up to the highest bidder  

March 16, 2011 Talking Points Memo: 'Non-Partisan' House Ethics Staffer Donated To RNC

March 15, 2011- Think Progress: Committee From Koch Votes To Deny Climate Change  

March 15, 2011- Think Progress: Tea Party Billionaire David Koch Hosted One Of Mitt Romney's First Fundraisers For 2012 Campaign  

March 9, 2011- CNN: Boehner spent taxpayer money on etiquette school 

March 9, 2011- Washington Post: Lax Internal Revenue Service rules help groups shield campaign donor identities

March 8, 2011- Press Release: CREW Asks IRS to Investigate the American Action Network

March 7, 2011- Seattle PI: Karl Rove, Koch Brothers -- on your TV, in your mailbox

March 4, 2011- The Brad Blog: Indiana's New Republican Sec. of State Charged With Three Counts of Felony Voter Fraud

March 1, 2011- US News: Karl Rove Groups Plan $120 Million Campaign in 2012

February 24, 2011- Bloomberg: Oil Group Starts Political Giving as Congress Weighs Repeal of Tax Breaks

February 14, 2011- PennLive: Pennsylvania state Senator Joe Scarnati to repay gas driller for Super Bowl tickets

February 13, 2011- PennLive: Gas driller pays Pennsylvania state Senator Joe Scarnati's way for trip, ticket to Super Bowl

February 11, 2011- CREW: Scanlon Pays While The Big Fish Get Away

February 11, 2011- CitizenVox: How Much Does a Senate Seat Cost, New Campaign Finance Limits and More

February 9, 2011- Mother Jones: Will Obama Oust the FEC's Right-Wing Ringleader?

February 1, 2011- Press Release: CREW Asks IRS to Investigate American Future Fund 

January 29, 2011- Truthout: The Bush Legacy Strikes Out American Justice

January 24, 2011- NYT: Bush White House Broke Elections Law, Report Says

January 17, 2011- Contra Costa Times: Grand jury probes what Edwards knew about 'cover-up' money

January 17, 2011- RAW Story: Exclusive: DoJ veteran sees ‘dangerous precedent’ in letting Bush officials walk

January 11, 2011-  NYT: Judge Sentences Tom DeLay to 3 Years in Prison

January 10, 2011- Truthout: Tom DeLay Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

July 11, 2010- Michigan Campaign Finance Network: Prosecutor faces big guns in Meijer case

April 1, 2010- RAW Story: Exclusive: FEC inaction on enforcing election laws rises more than 600 percent



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