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A Campaign For Election Campaign Finance Reform Through Accountability

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It’s time for campaign finance reform and it’s not going to come from Congress or the Federal Election Commission.  Instead, we can make this happen by demanding that law enforcement officials at both the state and federal levels use the laws already on the books to prosecute organizations and principals who “knowingly and willfully” violated campaign finance laws.  Yes, we are talking about those political operatives who corrupted the 2010 mid-term election with hundreds of millions in secret money laundered through public charities and trade associations such as Karl Rove and his American Crossroads, and Tom Donohue and his Chamber of Commerce.   Once the prosecutions start, campaign finance reform will be in full swing, with donors refusing to fund shady operations, politicians demanding a legislative fix, and Senators finally allowing the FEC to fulfill its mandate of protecting elections from excess and abuse. 

We can do this together!  Sign the letter to the Department of Justice.  Sign the petition to Congress. Go to our Action Items page, locate your local United States Attorney and State District Attorney and contact them at the address and phone number listed demanding that they bring charges against the named organizations and their principals for corrupting the 2010 election.  If you are with an NGO, join with us and let the DOJ and you local prosecutors know that you want them to hold the violators accountable. 

We don’t need a billion dollar money race by both parties where the largest corporate donors will decide the winners of the next election.  No, we need to put a stop to the abuses once and for all using the tools already available through the criminal justice system.  These include the Federal Election Campaign Act, and statutes prohibiting violation of tax, fraud, money laundering, and racketeering laws. 



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